Food foil at competitive prices from the manufacturer!


Reliable packing materials at a low price

SPb Tech Roll manufactures and sells packing materials of high quality.

If you want to buy our products, you are welcome to address to our Company’s offices in Saint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk. For detailed information please refer to Section «Contacts».

It is no secret that successful transportation of goods, their attractive exterior and safety depends on reliability of packing.

We are supplying industrial and trade companies with such materials as:

  • adhesive tape with logo;
  • packing tapes;
  • adhesive tapes TPL;
  • aluminum adhesive tapes;
  • double-sided PVC tapes;
  • double-sided PP tapes;
  • paper adhesive tapes (crepe);
  • stretch wrap.

At the Customer’s wish we produce an adhesive tape with the Company’s logo. You will speed up promotion of your brand and get new Customers by placing your Company’s telephone number and address.

Scotch tape production

Core values of Tech Roll Team are favorable interpersonal relations, high level of corporate culture, stability, ability to quickly realize and respond to the Customers’ requests.

If you need to buy packing material of high quality quickly and at a low price, just call our managers and you will save yourself the trouble of searching and wasting your time. To improve the customer service we always have a feedback and we are happy to consult you on any issue.

Have a great deal!

Production and wholesale of food foils

Why do customers choose us?

We are a direct manufacturer of packing materials in Saint-Petersburg, so we offer first-hand production at low prices.
All production manufactured by us is accompanied with all required certificates. In our production we use only certified materials.
We are very particular about all agreements, so we pay special attention to the terms of production time. Our customers should not worry. Their order will be ready in time.
Own production makes it possible to offer low prices for our customers. We make good discounts depending on the order volume. Our steady customers can be offered payment by installments.
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SPb Tech Roll Company was established in 2008. The Company is a producer of packing materials of high quality.
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