Stationery adhesive tape

Base: polypropylene film with an acrylic adhesive layer applied to it.

Purpose: for joining cardboard, paper elements, fastening posters and calendars, childrens handicrafts, etc., after gluing the tape remains transparent, does not fade and does not lose its properties.

Stationery adhesive tape has many uses:

  • joining or fixing sheets of paper and cardboard, posters on walls or boards;
  • fixing various teaching aids, advertising and informational materials, etc on a vertical surface;
  • gift wrapping, room decor;
  • packing something in cardboard boxes or plastic and paper bags;
  • repair of books, magazines and similar items made of paper or cardboard;
  • minor temporary repairs and fixing of various objects and their component parts.

Characteristics and features of stationery adhesive tape

The stationery adhesive tape is characterized by maximum transparency and a high degree of adhesion at a minimum thickness, and also provides strong and durable connections, remains transparent, does not change color, does not dry out. Belt widths 12, 15 and 19 mm. Standard winding 30 m.

This type of tape is widely used in household and office purposes, in advertising agencies and educational institutions, in medical institutions and any other public places for placing printed information on walls, in logistics and decoration.

Advantages of stationery tape

With a small thickness and even when using a small width stationery tape, a reliable and durable adhesion to the surface is ensured.

The adhesive composition of the tape is safe in contact with the skin, including for children, does not emit harmful substances. The tape is resistant to tearing, stretching and deformation, moisture and temperature extremes, can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces, for pasting objects with various configurations.

Stationery adhesive tape does not require special storage or transportation conditions to ensure all performance characteristics, its shelf life is unlimited.