Foamed adhesive tape (mirrored)

Base: fine-celled polyethylene foam and hot melt adhesive on both sides.

Purpose: for firmly attaching mirrors, moldings, plinths, plastic borders, decorative elements and other items to various types of surfaces.

Foamed adhesive tape (mirrored) is widely used in finishing works and is popular both in the professional environment and among the end consumer. The main feature of this tape is the ability to firmly attach to surfaces with any degree of roughness.

Features of Mirror Foam Tape

Due to the high adhesive power of the adhesive, the double-sided foam adhesive tape is able to provide strong and durable fixing on uneven and rough surfaces at any angle of inclination. With this tape, objects of various sizes and weights can be fastened without risk of falling or damage.

Belt characteristics:

  • belt width: from 5 to 1000 mm;
  • winding: can be any;
  • base and adhesive color: white;
  • base material: expanded polypropylene;
  • adhesive composition: hot melt.

Application of double-sided foam tape

This type of adhesive tape has gained the most popularity in the furniture and mirror industry, as well as when performing finishing work. With the help of foamed adhesive mirror tape, mirrors and glass, moldings and skirting boards, various decor, hooks, plates, frames and paintings and many other objects are securely attached. The adhesive composition does not have a detrimental effect on the joint surface.

The tape shows reliable adhesion to a wide range of materials: cardboard and plastic, paper, wood, metal and glass, tiles, stone and ceramics, painted and plastered walls, etc.

Foam adhesive tape (mirrored) provides quick, reliable and clean installation of various products without the need to drill the surface on which the object is fixed. This makes the double-sided adhesive fly indispensable for the repair of various pieces of furniture and decor, as well as for limited use of classic fasteners.