Paper adhesive tape

Base: weak corrugation, made of special paper, covered on one side with rubber glue.

Adhesive layer: based on natural rubber.

Purpose: used for delicate surfaces, temporary sealing of joints, can be easily removed and suitable for use on freshly painted or other surfaces, removed without traces of glue.

Paper adhesive tape is mainly used in paintwork and has the following functions:

  • protection of the surface that is not subject to processing from paint or varnish;
  • creating smooth borders when painting;
  • marking and creating certain patterns on the surface, which must be painted in several colors.

In addition, adhesive paper tape (crepe) is used for marking goods.

Characteristics and features of paper adhesive tape

The paper adhesive tape can be from 3 to 1550 mm wide, and can be of any length per roll.

Belt characteristics:

  • color: white;
  • base material: crepe paper with weak corrugation;
  • adhesive composition: natural rubber;
  • total tape thickness: 105 to 130 microns.

Features of paper adhesive tape:

  • easily torn across by hands, which speeds up and facilitates the process of working with the tape;
  • does not leave traces of glue on surfaces after removal, including after prolonged exposure of the tape to the surface.

Application of paper adhesive tape

In addition to being used for finishing work, adhesive paper tape is popular for other areas of application: it is pasted over to protect it from chips, or to avoid injury, the edges and corners of glass and mirror products, is used to insulate windows, repair paper products (books, posters, etc.). and are also used to protect surfaces from scratches.

Due to its ability to leave no glue on the surface, paper adhesive tape is widely used for temporary fixation of various objects, such as themed decor or advertising materials on the walls.