Jumbo rolls

Packing adhesive tapes in jumbo rolls allows you to independently make any type of adhesive tapes of the required winding and parameters, and obtain packaging material for reliable packaging.

Jumbo rolls represent raw materials for the subsequent production of various types of adhesive and packaging tapes and other products. In jumbo rolls, the base is supplied for the production of the corresponding type of adhesive tape with the adhesive already applied. Further production of products is the process of cutting and rewinding the rolls into convenient rolls.

Our company is a supplier of finished products, as well as a reliable partner for those who wish to independently produce a range of packaging tapes. We offer a wide range of quality raw materials for your production and guarantee regular timely deliveries in the required volumes.

Assortment and types of jumbo rolls

Jumbo rolls differ in color and material thickness. Cutting in width and length (rewinding) will allow you to set up production of products in various standard sizes.

Our assortment includes the following types of material in jumbo rolls:

  • for the production of adhesive tape: JUMBO ROLLS 1610 * 4000 m;
  • 38 microns (F23 + G15);
  • 43 microns (F25 + G18);
  • 47 microns (F25 + G22);
  • for colored ribbons: COLOR 1280 * 40 (F23 + G17) * 4000 m (all colors in the range);
  • for the production of TPL tapes in gray, black or white: TPL 1060 * 170 microns * 1000 m;
  • for the production of double-sided adhesive tape: PP TAPE 1060 * 160 microns * 1000 m;
  • for the manufacture of fabric adhesive tapes: PVC CLOTH TAPE 1060 * 240 microns * 500 m;
  • for the production of foamed double-sided tape: 1 MM WHITE PE FORM WITH YELLOW PAPER LINER 1060 * 200 m;
  • for the production of masking adhesive tape (crepe): MASKING TAPE 1550 * 130 microns * 3000 m;
  • for aluminum adhesive tape: ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE 1200 * 150 microns * 1000 m.
In the person of our company, you will find a reliable partner to supply your production with high-quality and popular packaging products.