Dispenser for adhesive tape

The dispenser simplifies and speeds up the packaging tape application process. Belt width: 50 mm.

Features: screw for adjusting the tape tension, built-in steel knife, pressure plate for continuously gluing the tape.

The adhesive tape dispenser will speed up your packaging processes as well as optimize the use of adhesive tape.

Adhesive tape dispensers have a wide range of applications, here are just a few examples:

  • for gift wrapping;
  • when packing parcels at post offices;
  • when packing any goods in various boxes and packages.

The dispenser allows you to quickly and economically pack your products. The machine holds a reel of duct tape of the required width. The packaging worker does not need to manually peel off the tape and use scissors.

Dispenser device

The adhesive tape dispenser consists of the following units and parts:

  • ergonomic embossed handle for comfortable work;
  • rubber roller, on which adhesive tape is securely attached;
  • blade for cutting off the tape;
  • end plate clamping the cut edge;
  • mechanical brake for adjusting the tension of the adhesive tape.

Benefits of working with a dispenser

The adhesive tape dispenser greatly speeds up the work of the packaging staff. The dispenser converts the process from manual to semi-automatic. The staff does not waste time on unnecessary manipulations with scissors, there is no need to constantly change objects in their hands. The employee simply takes one convenient device in his hand - the dispenser, and carries out the packaging quickly and reliably, like on a conveyor.

When the tape in the dispenser runs out, it takes a matter of seconds to change the reel and the employee starts working again. The dispenser unwinds and cuts the tape evenly and strictly across the section. Eliminates adhesive tape waste associated with breaks along the roll. Thus, the consumption of packaging materials is optimized and becomes more economical.