Double sided PP adhesive tape

Base: iaxially oriented polypropylene, on which adhesive layers with a protective layer are applied on both sides (siliconized paper).

Purpose: used for gluing smooth surfaces, in assembly work, decorative processing of elements.

Double-sided PP adhesive tape has a polypropylene base and is a budget analogue of tapes on a fabric base. It is less sticky than double-sided PVC tape. However, PP adhesive tape is widely used due to its affordable price for less demanding tasks.

The tape provides secure attachment of objects on vertical, inclined and horizontal surfaces. This does not require additional processing or any special preparation of surfaces before joining. The material of the object or surface can be anything: paper and cardboard, metal, glass and plastic, stone, rubber, wood, plastered or painted walls, wallpaper and other coatings.

Main characteristics of PP tape

PP double-sided adhesive tape is available in widths from 5 to 1000 mm.

Belt characteristics:

  • color: white;
  • base material: polypropylene;
  • adhesive composition: synthetic rubber.

Features and applications of PP adhesive tape

PP tape has high strength and adhesion, abrasion and tear resistance, and moisture resistance.

Depending on the width, PP double-sided tape is used for a wide range of tasks: from stationery and decor to furniture production. The strength of the connection allows you to fix objects on a surface with different roughness indicators.