Marking adhesive tape

Purpose: for marking checkout areas in retail outlets in order to maintain social distance between visitors, and can also be used in office buildings, factories, factories, libraries and other crowded places.

Marking tape is a tape of different colors, bright and durable, for marking horizontal and vertical surfaces (walls or floors).

The marking tape can be of the following colors:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • white.

Marking with adhesive tape is an opportunity to implement the necessary zoning quickly, reliably and with the ability to also quickly remove the markings and return the room to its original appearance.

Application of adhesive tape

In public places of any profile, adhesive tape can be used to mark the floor:

  • an indication of safe distances between people or a person and a specific object;
  • allocation of the necessary zones;
  • in logistics - zoning for different types of cargo or consignments of goods, packaging application to highlight products;
  • for competitions and contests - a temporary playing field, marking the site for teams, etc.;
  • layout of the premises in exhibition halls for the placement of stands.

The advantage of marking using multi-colored adhesive tape is the ability to quickly correct it by re-sticking the tape, or completely remove it when there is no need for marking.

Adhesive marking tape differs from multicolored packing tape in base material and adhesive layer composition. The use of the tape is provided for in places with intensive traffic and regular mechanical stress. The marking tape forms a strong adhesion on surfaces of various materials and with varying degrees of roughness; on horizontal, vertical and any inclined surfaces.

The tape is resistant to deformation and tearing, displacement from the place of attachment with regular and intense exposure (for example, on the floor in a room with high traffic of visitors).

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