Decorative adhesive tape

A set of decorative, playable adhesive tapes.

Perfect for arranging a playroom in an apartment, outdoors.

Decorative adhesive tape is used for gift wrapping, decoration, or for the aesthetic fixing of something on walls, such as posters, information materials and other similar items. Also, this type of tape is popular in merchandising: visual highlighting of products on the shelves of outlets, creating sets of related types of goods and attracting the attention of the end consumer.

Varieties and applications of decorative adhesive tape

Decorative tape may vary:

  • base material and adhesive layer;
  • width and length in the winding;
  • intensity and method of applying decorative images, inscriptions;
  • texture and color of the outer layer of the base.

With the help of decorative adhesive tape, minor repairs and updating of various objects can be carried out by pasting them, for example, you can repair a book, paste over the tousled edges of the cover. Also, this type of tape is widely used for various crafts. Beautiful, colorful and varied adhesive tapes are easy to cut and attach.

In gift wrapping and interior decor, decorative adhesive tape is indispensable, it is quickly and reliably attached to various materials: glossy and matte paper, cardboard, wood, metal, glass and mirror, plastic, to wallpaper and other types of wall decoration, tiles, to furniture and interior items.

Decorative adhesive tape is popular in the event industry and advertising business. It is used when preparing premises for various events for reliable and aesthetic fixation of decor or information and advertising materials. In logistics and packaging, decorative adhesive tape is used to highlight products and perform a role similar to branding.

Decorative adhesive tape "Railroad" and "Road" 72 mm - 20 m

Fun for the whole family, you can create a whole city for cars with many roads, turns and intersections, come up with various plots, learn the rules of the road.

Distracts the child from the TV, tablet, smartphone for a long time.

Recommended to be glued to cardboard, whatman paper, childrens mats, plywood, yoga, fitness, tourism and other surfaces, it is possible to apply adhesive tape to the floor.

Glue traces can be quickly removed with alcohol-based damp wipes.

If the tape has been on the floor for a long time, first you need to heat the tape with a hairdryer and then gently pull it up, removing traces of glue with warm soapy water or damp wipes.

Width, length of winding, brand name on the sleeve, the color of the tape can be any.

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