Food aluminum foil

We offer to purchase food foil in bulk at a favorable cost and in any batch.

Purpose: to keep food fresh, protect it from drying out and give food the ability to "breathe", prevents mixing of odors.

Aluminum food foil is popular in household and professional use for food storage. The use of foil allows you to save food, avoid the spread and mixing of various odors, and save space. Food can be fully wrapped in food foil for storage, or it can serve as lids for various containers and other utensils.

When packing food for transportation, foil significantly reduces overall weight and saves space by not using any utensils.

Characteristics and features of food foil

Food foil is made from aluminum and is a thin flexible sheet in a roll. Food foil characteristics:

  • thickness: 8 microns, 9 microns, 11 microns;
  • width: 290 mm, 440 mm;
  • standard roll length: from 5 to 100 m, the winding can be any.

Food foil is a safe material for storing food, does not react or release any substances. Foil has the ability to take and maintain any given shape.

Food foil is suitable for storing any food, does not change their taste or smell, is completely non-toxic and safe. It is allowed to store food directly in the foil itself, without an additional intermediate layer.

When working with foil, no special skills or additional tools are required; it is easily and evenly torn by hands along or across the roll.