Reinforced TPL adhesive tape

Base: laminated polyethylene, glass fiber reinforced with white rubber adhesive.

Purpose: used for repairs in everyday life, for dacha facilities, for sealing cracks and pipe joints, for packing and securing goods.

TPL reinforced adhesive tape is widely used for plumbing and other aggressive environments.

Benefits of TPL tape:

  • resistant to tearing, abrasion and stretching;
  • resistance to oils, corrosion and moisture;
  • high stickiness on any surface;
  • resistance to low temperatures.

Also, this type of adhesive tape is used in the automotive industry, and is indispensable in everyday life for small and quick repair of various items.

The presence of a reinforcing layer gives the TPL tape high strength and durability of the joints obtained.

Main characteristics of TPL tape

One-sided TPL reinforced adhesive tape is produced in widths from 5 to 1000 mm, winding can be of any kind.

Belt characteristics:

  • color: mostly gray, black, custom-made color can be any;
  • base material: laminated polyethylene;
  • adhesive composition: synthetic rubber;
  • total tape thickness: 130 microns, 145 microns.

Application of TPL reinforced tape

The characteristics of TPL tape make it popular in the plumbing and construction industries, as well as in the automotive and domestic repair industries.

TPL tape forms a sealed connection of pipes and other elements, additional protection of seams, protects surfaces from any external influences, moisture, oils and other substances; gives strength to glued objects and increases their resistance to various external factors.

An important feature of the TPL adhesive tape is the minimum residual adhesive residue when removed from the surface. Because of this, TPL reinforced adhesive tape is popular as a temporary repair material for various cracks and other damage. At the same time, a reliable and durable connection of elements that require fixation before carrying out full-scale repairs is provided.