Signal tape

Purpose: for temporary fencing of emergency sections of the road, the territory of repair and restoration work or a construction site, it can be used during sports events, such as orienteering, bike rides and others, to fence the track.

Signal tape is attached to walls or floors for a purpose:

  • indicate the boundaries of the safe location of people;
  • highlight emergency areas or other hazardous areas;
  • indicate the route of safe movement, passages and detours, evacuation routes, etc.;
  • zoning of space for various objects.

Characteristics and features of signal adhesive tape

Signal tape has a bright and contrasting color scheme (black, red and yellow) for good long-distance visibility. Width from 38 mm to 1200 mm. Any winding can be done.

Features of the tape:

  • high-quality application and fixing of the dye allows to ensure long-term preservation of the color saturation of the tape, protection from burnout or fading due to moisture;
  • the base has a high resistance to mechanical abrasion, due to which the integrity of the tape and its brightness are preserved for a long time when marking the floor in places of significant traffic;
  • high adhesiveness of the signal tape ensures its reliable and long-term fixing on horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces;
  • the tape holds for a long time and does not come off or shift, even when placed on the floor in areas with an intense flow of people.

Signal tape has high adhesiveness and is attached to surfaces with varying degrees of roughness without the need for special preparation of the gluing area. Thus, warning markings can be created in a short time in case of an unforeseen situation.

Alternative use of signal tape

Signal tape is also used in logistics as a packaging material. It provides reliable packaging and is used for marking goods. For example, individual batches of products or fragile goods can be marked with such a tape.