Double sided PVC adhesive tape

Base: fabric backing, coated on both sides with an adhesive layer (based on synthetic rubber), the outer adhesive layer is protected by a siliconized paper strip.

Purpose: used for gluing carpets and linoleum to the floor, for quick and easy gluing of posters, photographs, plates, exhibition and decorative elements, light structures.

Double-sided PVC adhesive tape has a fabric backing impregnated with adhesive on both sides. The outer side is protected with a special siliconized layer. The tape is easily separated from the roll.

This type of adhesive tape is popular for its ability to form a strong bond with surfaces of various materials of any shape and roughness and maintain the strength of such a bond for long periods of time.

Main characteristics of PVC tape

Double-sided adhesive PVC tape is produced in widths from 5 to 1000 mm. The winding of PVC tape in rolls can be any.

Belt characteristics:

  • base and adhesive color: white;
  • base material: textile (35% cotton, 65% polyester);
  • adhesive composition: synthetic rubber;
  • carrier mesh: 19 * 14.

Features and applications of double sided PVC tape

Double-sided PVC tape is highly flexible and able to fit precisely into surface curves and bend over protruding parts.

Its important feature: the adhesive composition forms a reliable adhesion to various surfaces: metal and plastic, wood, textiles, glass, paper and rubber, ceramics and many other materials.

Thanks to this, PVC tape is widely used in various fields of activity, for example: for advertising and exhibition purposes, in educational and other public institutions, for plumbing and electrical work as insulation or additional protection of connections.

Double-sided PVC adhesive tape provides secure fixation of objects on any surface at any angle. In everyday life, it is widely used for fixing floor coverings (carpet, linoleum). And also when it is necessary to mount various objects without drilling surfaces.