Adhesive tape with logo

Application of branding, slogans, contact details or any other information about the organization provided by the customer to the film.

Reliable adhesive tape with a logo for branding your products

Branded adhesive tape with a logo will make your products stand out and make the packaging unique and recognizable. Any desired image can be applied to the packaging adhesive tape:

  • your company logo and name;
  • contact details;
  • your slogan;
  • QR code for quick reading;
  • any other advertising information at the request of the customer.

Our company produces high quality packaging adhesive tape in various sizes. Available in widths from 5 to 1600 mm. Total thickness: from 38 to 50 microns.

Parameters of branded adhesive tape

Adhesive tape with a logo has the following characteristics, varieties and features:

  • width: 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 150 mm;
  • thickness: 45 microns, 47 microns;
  • base colors: transparent, white, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black;
  • print type: raster, surface, borderless («to the edge»).

Possibilities of using adhesive tape with logo

Adhesive tape of different colors with printed information, such as grades and types of products, batch numbers and release dates, will facilitate the work of your warehouse and help minimize errors in sorting and ordering for customers.

You can also choose the colors of the packing tape in accordance with the main colors of your corporate style. This will increase the awareness of your products.

Applying logos and contact information is additional advertising for your brand and also reduces the risk of counterfeiting.

In addition to logos, slogans and company names, a corresponding inscription can be applied to the adhesive tape for holding promotions. For example, to connect two or more products, one of which is a gift when buying the main one. Such merchandising techniques and visually highlighting your products on store shelves will make them more visible to the end consumer.

Belt performance

In addition to visual highlighting of products and additional informational content, the first and important task of adhesive tape is to ensure the safety of goods in packages and boxes for transportation, to fix products. The logo adhesive tape produced by our company has a high base strength and good adhesiveness of the adhesive layer. Thanks to this, you will be able to ensure reliable packaging of products without the risk of compromising the integrity and damage to the goods.

Method of applying images to tape

Raster surface printing is a quick way to apply images to a finished tape, followed by fixing with a special varnish. Thanks to this, the adhesive tape with the logo can be released from production in the shortest possible time: 3-5 days.