Polypropylene tape (strap tape)

Polypropylene packing tape is used for strapping and securing goods. It has a corrugated surface, light weight, does not corrode, is safe to use, and the packing tape is recyclable.

Polypropylene tape is used for strapping and securing various goods: building materials, printing products, wood and metal products, etc. The high strength of the tape allows you to reliably fasten loads weighing up to 2-3 tons. The tape has economical consumption and low price, which makes it popular for regular and bulk logistics operations.

Technical characteristics of polypropylene tape

The packaging polypropylene tape has a corrugated surface, does not corrode, does not react with the surface of the packed object, and does not leave traces.

Belt characteristics:

  • tape thickness: from 0.5 mm to 1 mm;
  • belt width: 5, 9, 12, 15, 19 mm;
  • bobbin length: each roll width and thickness is individually wound.

Advantages of polypropylene tape

By opting for this packaging material, you can achieve lower packaging costs without compromising the quality and reliability of packaging and shipping goods.

Polypropylene tape also has a high abrasion resistance: it is not damaged in contact with sharp edges of packed objects or other protruding parts of the cargo. Due to its high flexibility, polypropylene packing tape is excellent for strapping and securing complex-shaped loads.