Polyester tape (PET tape)

Today PET tape has become widespread and is successfully replacing steel packaging tape.

Purpose: for strapping heavy cargo, where a clear and reliable fastening is required: for example, for strapping chipboard, plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, brick, stone blocks, small architectural forms, ceramic tiles, paving slabs, etc.

Polyester tape has improved performance characteristics that allow it to compete with metal belts. It is resistant to breaking and shock loads.

As a result, polyester tape is widely used in packaging and logistics. Its application allows you to reduce financial costs while maintaining the reliability and strength of the packaging of goods.

Characteristics and features of polyester tape

  • belt width: from 9 mm to 19 mm;
  • tape thickness: from 0.5 mm to 1.15 mm;
  • area of ​​application: for securing and strapping medium and heavy loads, as well as for securing cargo on pallets.

Polyester tape does not leave traces of corrosion on the surface of packed items, does not cut into them, does not stain or deform. This tape is convenient and safe for the personnel performing packaging operations: it does not injure the skin of the hands, does not require the use of any special tools.

Thus, all packaging operations are carried out quickly and while maintaining the reliability and guarantee of the integrity of the packed goods.

Application of polyester packing tape

Polyester tape is widely used in the field of construction and supply of building materials for strapping and packaging sheet and other types of products: gypsum board, OSB boards, skirting boards, wooden beams and beams, door leaves and other similar goods. Also, the tape is used to transport assembled or disassembled furniture, various decor items.

Unlike adhesive tapes, polyester strapping tape does not come into contact with the surfaces of packaged items or leave any marks on them.