Serpyanka self-adhesive fiberglass.

It is used to prevent the formation of cracks, to strengthen the surfaces of walls and ceilings before subsequent finishing.

Serpyanka is a popular construction adhesive tape, which is a lavsan or fiberglass mesh impregnated with an adhesive.

Serpyanka is used in external and internal finishing works. Purpose of the tape:

  • joining seams of sheet material;
  • covering the seams and cracks of the concrete base of the building when insulating the facades;
  • strengthening of the area of ​​adjoining to the openings of windows and doors;
  • reinforcement and restoration of surfaces;
  • repairing cracks and stopping their further spread.

Serpyanka characteristics

Serpyanka has a high resistance to shear and shrinkage loads, tension and deformation, vibration effects. Serpyanka resistance to these phenomena is equally high in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Width from 10 mm to 1000 mm. Any winding can be done.

The material from which the serpyanka tape is made is resistant to alkalis and other aggressive substances, corrosion. The adhesive composition of serpyanka does not react with various finishing materials and mixtures.

Serpyanka types

There are the following types of serpyanka, depending on the size of the cells:

  • fine-meshed serpyanka with a step from 2 to 5 mm - it is used for interior finishing work;
  • coarse-meshed serpyanka with a pitch of more than 5 mm - used in combination with perforated corners during facade work.

Serpyanka has a uniform cell pitch and a thread thickness equal over the entire area, due to which effective protection of surfaces and joints or seams from these influences is achieved. The cellular structure determines the absence of air retention under the surface of the serpyanka, therefore, air "bubbles" and irregularities are not formed on the treated surface.

Serpyanka is effective when working with various sheet building materials: drywall, hardboard, chipboard (OSB), etc.