Metallized adhesive tape

Base: polypropylene with metallization, on which a highly adhesive adhesive layer is applied.

Purpose: used in thermal insulation works, reflects light and heat, for installation of ventilation systems, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, construction work.

Metallized adhesive tape is used for thermal insulation work. The product has reflective properties due to mirror coating and is also resistant to high temperatures.

The polypropylene base with an adhesive acrylic layer is distinguished by its strength and high reliability of the connection with the insulated area.

This type of adhesive tapes is characterized by increased wear resistance and high tensile strength. Due to the presence of a metallized coating, the tape has good ability to reflect ultraviolet radiation, which makes it possible to use it in repairs, as well as in the manufacture of thermal insulation elements. At the same time, due to the high adhesive properties of the adhesive base of the tape, the reliability and durability of the joints made in this way is ensured.

Metallized adhesive tape is also recommended for use when installing underfloor heating systems, pipes for ventilation engineering structures, as well as for thermal insulation of air conditioning elements. Also, the tape is excellent for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, steam and moisture.

In general, such tape can be used as an alternative to the more expensive aluminum adhesive tape. The only thing to remember is that metallized adhesive tape can be used at temperatures no higher than 80 °C.