Zip-Lock bag (gripper)

Jewelry, fasteners, medicines, seeds, jewelry, in a word, everything that can spill out, or what needs to be protected from moisture, are packed in bags with a gripper.

The Zip-Lock bag (gripper) is produced in a wide range of standard sizes, so you can choose the optimal package size for various items.

Features and functions of snap packs:

  • wide size range from 40 * 60 mm to 400 * 500 mm;
  • fast packaging of products in individual packages;
  • reliable lock, no need to use additional fixing of the package;
  • the possibility of multiple opening and closing;
  • reliable protection of objects from moisture and other substances from the outside;
  • suitable for food packaging.

Gripper pouches are suitable for packaging and packaging any goods, for example: handicrafts, fasteners, fishing tackle, toys, cosmetics, pet food and many others.

Applications and benefits of gripper bags

The use of bags with a latch greatly simplifies and speeds up packaging operations and allows you to quickly and reliably pack a large volume of products into the required batches.

For convenience and to reduce the risk of loss of small components of any product, bags of different sizes can be used for additional packaging of especially small items (for example, fasteners and other small parts).

A bag with a Zip-Lock (gripper) can be opened and closed several times, while maintaining all the properties of the packaged product, for example, teas in such bags do not lose their aroma and do not absorb foreign odors from the outside.

If necessary, bags with a gripper can be made with a hole in the upper part for fixing products on the shop windows. The hole is located above the bag lock and does not affect the tightness of the package.

Also, bags with a gripper are popular in everyday life for convenient storage and ordering of various items, products, for packaging clothing items, packaging products for freezing, etc.

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