PVC gloves

The most common work gloves are PVC coated gloves. They are used when performing work involving the use of sharp objects.

PVC gloves provide protection for the skin of the hands during construction or other types of work. They are widely used in industrial enterprises of various industries: in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, light industry. Also, PVC gloves are indispensable for farm workers and agricultural workers.

Gloves are used in various workshops, for example, when working with a stone, or auto repairmen, as well as necessary for employees of gas stations and warehouses. In everyday life, PVC gloves are necessary when working on personal plots or repairing.

Characteristics and features of PVC gloves

The most popular type of PVC gloves are coated gloves that allow you to safely handle sharp objects.

PVC gloves characteristics:

  • different density: from 3 to 6 threads;
  • base material: cotton;
  • additional material: polyester thread;
  • safe for the skin of the hands, does not cause irritation or the formation of diaper rash;
  • hold firmly on the arm thanks to the elastic band, but do not pinch blood vessels and do not cause discomfort.

Application of PVC gloves

The use of PVC protective gloves avoids the contact of harmful substances on the skin of the hands, minimizes contamination, and protects the skin from mechanical damage (cuts, scratches, splinters).

PVC gloves have elasticity, which allows you to maintain the sensitivity of the skin of the hands and does not interfere with normal articulation. In simple words: in PVC gloves, a person can work as if they were not on their hands, feel the surface of objects and small parts, hold the tool firmly, etc. At the same time, hands are reliably protected from possible injuries and other specific injuries.

PVC gloves, unlike many other types of protective gloves, are noted by consumers as one of the most convenient ways to protect the skin of their hands during various types of work.