Packing adhesive tape

Base: polypropylene film with acrylic adhesive layer applied to it.

Purpose: packing boxes, loads, wrapping various goods for manual and machine packaging, as well as for office work.

Quality packaging tape for all your needs

Packaging adhesive tape is widely used for warehouse and logistics tasks, as well as for stationery purposes and many others. This product is widely popular and in demand, both by private customers for household needs and by corporate customers on a wholesale scale. Our company produces high quality adhesive packaging tape in various standard sizes.

Packaging adhesive tape parameters:

  • standard widths: 48 mm and 72 mm;
  • the ability to produce any width from 5 to 1600 mm;
  • total thickness: from 38 to 50 microns;
  • base material: biaxially oriented high-strength polyethylene;
  • reinforced synthetic adhesive layer.

Advantages and applications of adhesive packaging tape

Depending on the thickness and width, the packaging adhesive tape is used for various purposes:

  • tape with a thickness of 43 microns tolerates negative temperatures and moisture much better, therefore it is widely used in industrial and commercial purposes;
  • tape with a thickness of 47 microns has the highest strength and tackiness, therefore it is best suited for packaging heavier items, however, the weight of the boxes should not exceed 25 kg.

Packing adhesive tape of small thickness and width is widely used for stationery and household purposes, for decoration and gift wrapping, as well as for packing light and oversized goods into individual bags.

To select the correct adhesive tape thickness, the operating temperature, the quality of the carton and the weight of the load must be taken into account. You can get advice on the selection of the optimal micronity of the packing tape by contacting our specialists.

The advantages of the adhesive tape produced by our company are its high strength and adhesion, as well as resistance to tearing, stretching, abrasion. Our products are characterized by the absence of scrap, which leads to breaks of the tape along the roll during packaging work, so that the packaging adhesive tape is used without unnecessary waste.