Stretch film

Stretchable polyethylene film, has the ability to self-adhere when one layer is applied to another, while not sticking to the load.

Purpose: for packing various goods, including for protecting goods from damage, pollution, moisture, etc., suitable for packing furniture, luggage, org. technology and much more.

Stretch film is a popular packaging material that has unique properties:

  • high degree of protection of the cargo or other packed object;
  • does not stick directly to the surface of the cargo, does not leave adhesive traces;
  • ability to additional stretch and elongation.

Stretch film is widely used in logistics, as well as to protect any objects, pieces of furniture during repair work in the premises.

Stretch film characteristics

The stretch film can have a width ranging from 100 to 500 mm. The following types of stretch films are distinguished by the method of performing packaging work: machine and manual.


  • base material: high pressure polyethylene;
  • manufacturing method: flat slit extrusion;
  • number of cycles of use: for single use;
  • stretch ability: from 150% to 380% depending on the type of film;
  • standard roll width: 450 mm, 500 mm;
  • the possibility of cutting in width: 100 mm, 125 mm, 250 mm.

Stretch wrap benefits

Unlike adhesive flax, stretch film allows you to quickly and reliably pack goods, cargo and any other objects, completely covering them with a protective layer.

Due to the property of self-adhesion when layers of stretch film are applied, high strength of the package is achieved, excellent protection against the ingress of any substances from the outside. At the same time, the film does not adhere to the surface of the packed object and does not leave adhesive traces. It is especially convenient for packing furniture and other furnishings for transportation.

Stretch film is very economical and easy to use, does not require special skills and additional materials or equipment for packaging and unpacking operations.