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Gripper: an inexpensive bag with a zip-lock for packing goods

GripperGripper is a reliable and affordable way of packing goods. This is a bag with a convenient and practical lock of zip-lock type. The product is manufactured of tape of various widths. It is easy to place any marking or logo on it.

Bags with a zip-lock are a low-cost packing material allowing keeping required products carefully and hermetically sealed (i.e. bed linen, food products, parts of tools and equipment, jewelry, etc.).

Advantages of bags with a zip-lock:

  • High strength and tension.
  • Absolute impenetrability to smells and gases.
  • Resistance of gripper to alkali and acids.
  • Non-reactivity with organic and inorganic substances.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet.
  • Low price of gripper.
  • Practicability and convenience.

If you are interested in buying inexpensive and reliable packing and you do not know where to buy gripper in Saint-Petersburg, do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantages of cooperation with SPb Tech Roll Ltd.:

  • Low prices.
  • Customized orders of bags with a zip-lock with or without logo.
  • Quick production time.
  • Free delivery of gripper in Saint-Petersburg.

Do not hesitate to call and order up-to-date packing directly from the manufacturer. We sell grippers on favorable terms. Individual terms and discounts are provided for regular customers.

Grip-seal bag (gripper)

One can pack in a gripper jewelry, fittings, medicinal preparations, seeds, imitation jewelry, in a word everything that can drop down or requires protection from moisture.

SPb Tech Roll Company was established in 2008. The Company is a producer of packing materials of high quality.
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St. Petersburg:
+7 (812) 244 66 76
+7 (495) 407 08 68
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