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Food foil at competitive prices from the manufacturer!


Food foil

SPb Tech Roll Company manufactures, wholesales and retails food foil. We are ready to offer you aluminum foil of various sizes.

Foil is aluminum paper with width from 0.001 mm. It is used in different spheres of everyday life. Unique properties of food foil (i.e. impenetrability, strength and safety for products) ensure a wide range of its application in various segments of food industry.

First of all food foil is a popular material for packing of food: milk and dry products, confectioneries, ready food and semi-products, tea and coffee products, beverages, as well as pet food.

Main properties of food foil:

  • Hygienic (aluminum becomes germproof after annealing, it does not have surface bacteria and it does not facilitate their generation);
  • Barrier properties (aluminum foil serves as an impenetrable metal shield for contents preventing evaporation, drying, moistening, it secures sunlight prevention, prevents from penetration of smells and flavors);
  • Thermal conductivity (aluminum has a high capacity to evenly conduct heat without losing its main properties);
  • Heat resistance (food foil can resist the highest temperatures protecting contents from cracking, coaling and burning);
  • Light weight (aluminum is a light metal, so aluminum foil and associated products made of it have less weight comparing to traditional saucepans and other kitchenware);
  • Environmental friendliness (aluminum can be easily recycled any number of times).

Thanks to its properties, absence of harmful impurities and toxins with long keeping of products, foil does not give them any foreign flavor or smell. Food foil has very good antibacterial and moisture-proof properties. It considerably increases storage life for food, preventing generation of pathogens and making packing more germproof.

Food foil is used for keeping food fresh, it protects them from drying and it let them "breathe". Thanks to keeping and baking of food in foil, it is possible to prevent mixture of smells.

Many housewives know that if they want to have aromatic and succulent meat from the bake oven, it is required to cook it in foil. Thanks to possibility to stop over 90% of eradiation getting to its surface. Food foil is excellent for cooking dry and fatless fish or meat.

No doubt, food foil for baking is the most inexpensive, easy-to-use, convenient and fine material, making it possible to cook delicious food quickly.

Our Company offers to buy food foil at wholesale at a good price by any lots.

Products supplied by our Company are of the best quality. We can guarantee uninterrupted supplies for various companies and selling spots: packing products are always available at our warehouse.

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SPb Tech Roll Company was established in 2008. The Company is a producer of packing materials of high quality.
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St. Petersburg:
+7 (812) 244 66 76
+7 (495) 407 08 68
+7 (383) 363 23 43