Wimm Bill Dunn

Wimm Bill Dunn is a Russian company, a large producer of soft drinks and dairy products in the 1990s - 2000s. The most famous products are J7 fruit and vegetable juices, a line of dairy products under the House in the Village brand, and Essentuki mineral waters.

Founded in 1992, Wimm-Bill-Dann joined the PepsiCo group of companies in 2011. The acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Dann allowed PepsiCo to become the largest beverage and food company in Russia and one of the largest processors of raw milk.

PepsiCo continues to successfully develop its dairy and baby food business in Russia and the CIS thanks to its consistently high quality products, a wide range of products, popular brands and established distribution throughout the country.

The site of the company: www.wbd.ru

Вимм Билль Данн